The resort is actually three islands. A unique - flowing with Koh Tao's Sairee Beach.  
From the original bamboo and coconut huts right on the beach for thrity Thai Baht for a day, to very simple thatched houses, the native Phangan clans reacted fast to this arrival of outsiders otherwise called Farangs, by adapting to it. And yes, you can still snorkel with sharks, and perhaps the odd turtle as well, just check out our web site for all the local divecentres available. The given name KohTao means Turtle Island; most say that the name is due to the islands appearance which is meant to look like an inverted turtle whilst many others claim it is from the day's when the water nearby the island was rich with turtles and the island was their breeding grounds. Surrounded by pure clear waters, Ko Tao evolved in the last years to a divers favorite destination in SE Asia.

KohTaois surrounded by sharks too, nice friendly ones fortunately. It has loads to offer but hasn't lost what attracted tourists here in the 1st place, it is still a little piece of paradise for all to share and enjoy. Ko Toa's standing expanded and briskly amplified as it broadly became known throughout the world through adventurous visitors and international travellers. On Koh Taovisitors can find amazing picture-postcard views of coconut palm trees , crystal clear water and amazing mountain views

Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Tao

Koh Tao Montra Resort & Spa Buddha View Dive Resort Carabao Dive Resort Dusit Buncha Resort Moonlight Bungalows Sunshine Divers Resort Happy Bungalow Coral View Resort Lotus Resort & Siam Scuba Diving Sunlord Bungalows Bans Diving Resort Jungle Huts & Mix Club Koh Tao Resort Haad Tien Beach Resort Simple Life Resort Montalay Beach Resort Koh Tao Heights Koh Tao Tropicana Resort Crystal Dive Resort Orchid Bungalows High Bar & Lodge Sunsmile Travel and Lodge AC Resort Tanote View Resort Mr J Bungalow

Accommodation on Koh Tao

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Reception & Restaurant 
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,

Jungle Huts & Mix Club

Koh Tao
Tanote Bay Road
(hill side)
Prices: 8 - 8 US $
  6 - 6 Euro
  250 - 250 Baht

There are many beautiful places worth visiting which are near to the Jungle Huts & Mix Club and which will revela the beauty of the Island to you.

These were the country's real tropical gems.

If you need some help organizing some day trips around the island Jungle Huts & Mix Club will assist you, the staff is very helpful and has a good knowledge of the island and the surroundings.

Many beautiful sand beaches and beautiful tropical gardens surround Jungle Huts & Mix Club.

We suggest you organize a motorcycle while staying at the Jungle Huts & Mix Club, it is the most popular way to travel around the island and quite cheap also for those planing a longer stay.

Rooms and Bungalows

  all year price
1.Jan - 31.Dec

Jungle Hut

250 Baht
6.40 Euro
7.98 US$

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