Koh Nang Yuan Island then Mango Bay to visit.  
Occasionally progress can be a wonderful thing, fortunately KoTao has kept its chilled atmosphere, ]it is,it's] still nigh on impossible to find a crowded beach. In those days getting to Koh Taorequired a treacherous boat journey from near by islands or the main land, if and when the seas &weatherpermitted but the population of the islandcontinued to grow firmly all the same, even when simple life was hard without much reward. Koh Tao offers a lot of popular things to do one being snorkeling at many of bays. Strange, but true, from 1933-1947 Koh Tao was home to political prisoners. Being situated approximately 70 km from Suratthani or Chumporn meant it was hard to escape from! Alcatraz...piece of cake.

It has much to offer but it hasn't lost what attracted back packers here in the first place, it's still a little piece of tropical paradise for everybody to share and enjoy. About 1947, Khun A-Paiwong, Thailand's Prime Minister at the time, asked for & received a royal pardon for the islands political prisoners and thanks to a gracious act by His Majesty the King. They were released and transported to Suratthani on the mainland and the islandwas discarded once more. This was the same year that the original settlers started to claim a large portion of land on what is now identified as Sairee Beach. These were the twin brothers Khun Ueam and Khun Oh who reached Koh Toa by a boat from the next islandof Ko Phangan. Koh Tao's reputation spread and quickly grew as it widely became known all over world through international travellers and adventurous visitors. KoTao's standing increased and promptly amplified as it extensively became known throughout the world through international travellers and adventurous visitors.

Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Tao

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Accommodation on Koh Tao

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Reception & Restaurant 
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,

Jungle Huts & Mix Club

Koh Tao
Tanote Bay Road
(hill side)
Prices: 8 - 8 US $
  6 - 6 Euro
  250 - 250 Baht

Please notice that for reservations during the week of the full moon party, restrictions regrading the minimum number of nights stay may apply and special full moon rates may apply by the Resort during full moon week.

It has changed in Thailand. The early days and supplies. Local farmers and budgets.

Conveniently situated, Jungle Huts & Mix Club is not far the next village, but yet directly on the beach.

Following a great day at the beach you can enjoy a nicely chilled beer and chill out at the bar of the Jungle Huts & Mix Club.

Jungle Huts & Mix Club has been constructed in walking distance the beach, at this place visitors can experience a fantastic sunset. You're also only minutes away from the town of Baan Tai.

Rooms and Bungalows

  all year price
1.Jan - 31.Dec

Jungle Hut

250 Baht
6.40 Euro
7.98 US$

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