Koh Taos wind and amongst the joys of Chalok Baan Kao.  
Throughout the last twelve years KoTao has transformed in a number of ways as it developed to become one of the major diveislands in Thailand, bringing in all levels of diversand water lovers alike. It has so much to offer but it hasn't lost what attracted people here in the first place, it is still a little piece of tropical paradise for everyone to share and enjoy. The 1st generation of todays community (began,started] settling when they brought their families and started to cultivate & harvest the very rich. This small island was still under Royal Patronage in those days, but it didn't put off these fortune seekers from staking their claim. The first generation of today's community started settling when they brought their families to KoTao and began to farm and reap the rich earth and natural resources the island had to offer. In spite of it still being under Royal Patronage, plots of land were claimed, and cleared for plantations. You can still see loads of evidence of the huge coconut plantations throughout the island.

Around 1947, then Khun A-Paiwong, Thailands then Prime Minister, asked for and got a royal pardon for KoTao's prisoners and thanks to a gracious act by The King of Thailand. Strange, but true, from 1933 until 1947 KoTao was home to political prisoners. Being situated approximately 70 km from Suratthani or Chumporn meant it was very hard to escape from! Alcatraz...piece of cake. Here they discovered something more then just a new islandto explore and soon the back packer network was buzzing about the exiting newly found tropical islandparadise of Koh Tao. In ore by the tropical beaches, the back of beyond aura, and of course the cheap living, backpackerssoon arrived in droves. The island of Ko Tao is one of Thailand's real tropical gems. Blessed with golden beaches and secluded bays, people from many different countries come back year after year to soak up the unique feeling of the island.

Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Tao

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Accommodation on Koh Tao

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Reception & Restaurant 
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,
Jungle Huts & Mix Club,

Jungle Huts & Mix Club

Koh Tao
Tanote Bay Road
(hill side)
Prices: 8 - 8 US $
  6 - 6 Euro
  250 - 250 Baht

Please notice that for reservations during the week of the full moon party, restrictions regrading the minimum number of nights stay may apply and special full moon rates may apply by the Resort during full moon week.

It has changed in Thailand. The early days and supplies. Local farmers and budgets.

There are bungalows at Jungle Huts & Mix Club to suit all travel budgets, with most bungalows offering air conditioning and hot water at higher price levels.

Jungle Huts & Mix Club has clean and well maintained bungalows with western bathroom, the rooms are well sized for the value and are quite roomy, there are bungalows available with private balconies, and have a great view of the sea.

The rooms at Jungle Huts & Mix Club are comfortably sized, well maintained and clean and all have western style sanitary facilities.

Every now and they turn off for Aow Leuk Bay and various colours and viewing areas are covered with guest DJ’s making an appearance the way to just chill have a great views from the hill side the restaurant bar area there are all placed in the dance and beyond.

Rooms and Bungalows

  all year price
1.Jan - 31.Dec

Jungle Hut

250 Baht
6.40 Euro
7.98 US$

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